Pinspotter Training

Pinspotter & Health and Safety Training

We provide on site training for 82/70, 82/90, 82/90xl and 90xli Pinspotters.

Training can take place in your own centre over a one week period.

Improve your machines while your technicians are trained.

No extra expense sending your technicians to another location.

Have your technician on-hand in the centre during the training. No need to cover shifts.

The course has been developed using 25 years of experience working in AMF Bowling Products UK Ltd.

Our course consists of:

Our course consists of:

  • Health & Safety Correct isolation of Pinspotter procedures and policies
  • Check pinspotters have been correctly installed & basic specifications have been adhered too
  • Functions of a Pinspotter
  • Removal and rebuilding of the pinspotter assemblies
  • Adjusting and setting of a pinspotter
  • Fault Finding
  • Looking at other aspects in the centre that could effect the pinspotter
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Full Assessment of the technical operation of the bowling centre, to include:

  • Health & Safety Documentation
  • Health & Safety issues within the technical area by way of audit
  • Organisation of the technical area
  • Availability of Manuals
  • Preventative maintenance & frames per stop records
  • Parts Inventory and their use
  • Availability of correct tools
  • Technicians attending the course can be beginners through to the more experienced

Attendees will be given a written and practical exam to assess capability.

There may be a maximum of 6 trainees attending a course.

Each successful candidate will receive:

  • Pinspotter Course Attendance Certificate
  • Health & Safety Certificate