DJC Tenpin Bowling Services was established in 2009 by Darren Creamer and Julie Creamer they are the Directors of this family run business and both previously worked for one of the leading manufacturers AMF Bowling Products UK Limited with over 40 year’s experience between them.

Darren has become one of the UK’s most respected voices in the field of safe working practices in the bowling industry, being involved closely with others in the industry, local authorities and government departments. Darren designed a comprehensive manual to assess the centres Health & Safety issues from the Technicians area to the front of the approach. Having acquired the three primary installation skills, machines, lanes and scoring, Darren was involved in and responsible for the commissioning of tenpin bowling centres during a period of unprecedented growth in the UK, the developing markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Darren is now the official installer for Brunswick with Bowling Vision as well as doing installations for his customers of AMF equipment.

Julie has developed much of the administrative tools behind the technical services department and repair workshop facility and is also in charge of managing the Repair Workshop and Office. Our Workshop facility allows us to perform repairs on AMF/QubicaAMF and Brunswick equipment, including all Scoring, Pinspotter/Pinsetter and Front End Systems. Our Workshop facility also includes fully operational pinspotters/pinsetters and various scoring systems for testing our repairs. Our technical experience in the Tenpin Bowling Industry allows us to complete a variety of services from Machines and Lane installations, to Insurance Assessments.

We provide total commitment to our customers no matter where they are on the structural ladder:

  • The owner/operator looking to optimise return on investment, challenged with meeting all the legal requirements, including the minefield of Health & Safety, and doing it all whilst ever mindful of the cost.
  • The manager looking to provide an exciting experience to customers, offering the best of features and equipment, in a well-run, well operated and well maintained bowling centre, continually challenged to remain in the hearts and minds of the community in which he/she operates.
  • The technician looking to maintain the reliability of equipment to the tools to maintain it, to the parts needed to improve its performance and the policies, procedures and training needed to put it all into action.

We value our employees who help our business to keep growing, as well as our Sub-Contractors who are also a big part of DJC being able to move forward in this industry.

Meet the Team

  • Darren Creamer

    Darren Creamer

    Darren is the person who keeps everyone at DJC very busy, visiting our customers, doing installations, resurfacing, de-installations, buying & selling equipment, health & safety audits and pinspotter courses.
  • Julie Creamer

    Julie Creamer

    Julie is the person who is responsible for accounts, personnel all the administration and the day to day running of the office and workshop.
  • Art Samuel

    Art Samuel
    Electronics Engineer

    Art Samuel our Head Electronics Engineer has worked in Electronic Repairs for over 40 years and has been in Tenpin Bowling for over 15 years and has been with us since we opened the Repair Workshop in 2012. Art is responsible for all the electronic repairs in the workshop.
  • Maya Henderson

    Maya Henderson
    Administration Assistant

    Maya joined us in November 2018, and works for both Directors with all administration duties.