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Introducing DJC Tenpin Bowling Services Limited, a provider of technical services and expert advice to the bowling industry. A company with a wealth of experience that goes back decades.

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What makes DJC Tenpin Bowling Services Limited different to some of the others? We are totally committed to our customers, their needs and in partnering them in providing excellence for their customers. Easy to say, not easy to do, but our history stands as testimony to our claim.

We compile reports, provide tools to give the bowling centre operator a better understanding of the technical issues; detailed, understandable information to aid the decision making process when the many possibilities present themselves. We are different because of our knowledge that our success is only possible in the realisation of our customers’ success. We are different because our services, our experience and our commitment come at a price that’s justifiable, affordable and relative to the benefits. No fees are required to consider your investment options with us. We distinguish ourselves though our belief that it is not always the most expensive tool that produces the best result. Not a statement often heard from an equipment salesman. We provide total commitment to our customers no matter where they are on the structural ladder:

  • The owner/operator looking to optimise return on investment, challenged with meeting all the legal requirements, including the minefield of Health & Safety, and doing it all whilst ever mindful of the cost.
  • The manager looking to provide an exciting experience to customers, offering the best of features and equipment, in a well run, well operated and well maintained bowling centre, continually challenged to remain in the hearts and minds of the community in which he/she operates.
  • The technician looking to maintain the reliability of equipment to the tools to maintain it, to the parts needed to improve its performance and the policies, procedures and training needed to put it all into action.
DJC Tenpin Bowling Services offer the following: Buying & Selling Capital Equipment Installation & De-Installation of Lanes, Machines & Scoring, Lane Resurfacing & Recoating Pinspotter Training, Health & Safety Audits & Training Consultancy Maintenance, Audits & Service Contracts, Repair Workshop Facility

In this Industry, you pay for what you don't know