About DJC Bowling Services

Darren Creamer can rightly claim to have been born into bowling. He started at a very young age and by the time he became a teenager was bowling in competitions throughout Europe and was a member the British Junior Team. After leaving school he moved into the industry as a pro-shop operator. It was not long before he joined AMF Bowling in Southampton running the pro-shop and where he was also responsible for Lane Maintenance. Within 18 months Darren took over the responsibility also for the back-end after being appointed the Chief Technician and focused his attention on what had been problematic pinspotter maintenance.

After a relatively short period of time Darren managed to get the 30 year old pinspotters achieving one of the highest numbers of frames per stop in the industry - compared to any machine, of any age. During this period of time Darren got involved in resurfacing and lane coatings and was one of the first to experience 100% solids finishes and trained many in Europe on their application. In 1988 Darren opted out of bowling centre operations when he was asked to join the Installation & Services Team at AMF Bowling, which was based at that time in Sheffield.

Darren’s primary responsibility was to cover installation, training and technical support for the scoring systems, being one of the few that had an understanding of the systems of the late 1980’s early 1990’s. In the earlier 1990’s Darren took on the added responsibility of Pinspotter installations and troubleshooting, which was followed quickly with bowling lane installation.

Having acquired the three primary installation skills, machines, lanes and scoring, Darren was involved in and responsible for the commissioning of tenpin bowling centres during a period of unprecedented growth in the UK, the developing markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In 1995, whilst still continuing to play an active role in the field, Darren started to co-ordinate the AMF technicians and contractors within the UK. In 1997 Darren was given the responsibility for managing AMF’s UK Technical Services Department.

A department that was mainly installation focused he saw as a business opportunity by re-focusing it as a service provider. In 1999, Darren took on the responsibilities for other AMF technical departments in developing areas in Europe and in 2001 took over all technical support for EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). Darren was made a Director of AMF Bowling Products UK Ltd in 2004 but still maintained his technical responsibilities in the EMEA. Throughout Darren’s time with AMF (and subsequently QubicaAMF) he was heavily involved in training contractors and employees across the EMEA in all technical aspects.

In recent years Darren has become one of the UK’s most respected voices in the field of safe working practices in the bowling industry, being involved closely with others in the industry, local authorities and government departments. As part of his role with QubicaAmf, Darren designed a comprehensive manual to assess the centres Health & Safety issues from the Technicians area to the front of the approach.

Having spent over twenty years in the business with the same company, the challenging but rewarding years with AMF’s technical team have been the drive and inspiration behind Darren’s decision to form his own company. DJC Tenpin Bowling Services Ltd will be the vehicle that allows Darren to bring his unique experience and technical services to the industry. Darren entered into this venture with the support of his partner and wife, Julie. For 13 years Julie worked for AMF Bowling Products UK Ltd and developed much of the administrative tools behind the technical services department.