Clearscore is a replacement program for CRT Monitors on most Scoring Systems:
  • Removal Of Existing CRT Monitors
  • No Structural Changes Are Required For Hanging LCD's
  • Improve Centre Look & Customer Satisfaction
  • Health & Safety issues are Reduced When Replacing CRT Monitors
  • LCD's Are Lighter, More Easily Handled When Working At Height
  • No Electrical Components Exposed To Technician Whilst Being Removed
  • All Existing Functions Of Score Grid, Animation And TV/Audio Are Fully Functional From Front Desk (Cabling For TV/Audio Can Be Supplied)
  • TV and Audio Video Auxiliary display to instantly modernise your center
  • LCD TV 32"
  • Optional 37" & 42" Available
  • Demonstration Unit Installed Free Of Charge By Appointment
  • Option To Replace Pairs At A Time
  • Power Consumption Of LCD Is Lower Than CRT Monitor
Scoring Monitor upgrade